Happy Birthday Darwin… and Darren!


We couldn’t let International Darwin Day slip by without a quick post. It’s the day that marks what would have been Charles Darwin’s 204th birthday. Here at the Museum of Natural History, Charles Darwin is an ever-present, incredibly important figure – we even have a statue of him in the court. Of course, this is hidden amongst scaffolding at the moment, so there’s a little reminder above!

But Darwin isn’t the only person to celebrate his birthday on 12th February;  it’s also the birthday of our Assistant Curator of Entomology, Darren Mann! Darren has been celebrating his birthday today by examining his favourite dung beetles. At school, his love of the natural world and their shared birthday even led to one of his teachers nicknaming him Darwin.

Darren birthday 1

Here’s Darren with some of the Museum’s rare insect specimens that were collected by Charles Darwin himself on his travels in Australasia. To find out more about what goes on behind the scenes in Entomology, follow their excellent blog.

So, happy birthday Darren… and Darwin!

Rachel Parle, Education Officer

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