Oxfordshire Goes Wild!


DSC_1780The Education team had a fantastic sunny day out on Saturday at Oxfordshire Goes Wild. This annual ecology extravaganza sees many of the county’s nature and wildlife groups gather to bring us all a bit closer to the natural world.

In previous years the event has been held at the Museum of Natural History, but as we’re closed at the moment, we stepped out into the countryside… and we couldn’t have picked a better day for it! We arrived at the Earth Trust Centre in Little Wittenham in full sun and were given a beautiful spot to set up our activities, overlooking the Oxfordshire countryside.

Set up and waiting for the crowds
Nice and busy later on!

Several hundred children took the opportunity to dissect owl pellets and identify their prey in the sun, or learn about our collections through our Museum Mix-Up activities. Toddlers and grandparents alike were seen picking through the pellets to discover skulls, bones and claws; these owls clearly lived in very rich hunting ground!

We all managed to sneak a short break during the day to investigate the many other things that were going on. There were live animals galore in the shape of bats, reptiles, owls and a bounty of bugs. Also on offer was red kite nest building, pond dipping and crafts a-plenty.

We all left feeling tired but enthused and impressed. Well done to all involved for a fantastic event celebrating our diverse and fascinating wildlife. Even our stuffed owls enjoyed the day out!

Clay creatures with Going Wild
Dissecting owl pellets with us.
Dissecting owl pellets with us.
Creepy crawlies get everywhere. A stick insect roams at the Minibeast Mayhem stall.
Creepy crawlies get everywhere. A stick insect roams at the Amateur Entomologists’ Society stall
Our expert navigators confer over the best route to Wittenham.

Rachel Parle, Education officer

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