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_DSC4566As I explained last week, the outside of the Museum has been getting a make-over, and the finishing touches are now rolling into place. Each day I’ve checked progress through my office window as roll after roll of turf has been immaculately lined up and pressed firmly into place. It took the team just 5 days to transform the space from a dusty wasteland into a spectacular expanse of technicolor green.


Looking out of the window today, the new irrigation system is obviously doing a great job and the grass is lush and getting long. The only problem is the bright orange fence that surrounds the lawn and stops us from testing it out. I can’t wait until that comes down and we can use it for the first time. I just hope there are a few more chances for a picnic lunch on the lawn before Autumn really sets in!

Rachel Parle, Education Officer

Photos: Scott Billings

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