A blur of activity


After almost a year of being ensconced in metal scaffolding and boarded hoardings the working structure inside the Museum was brought to ground with impressive rapidity – and a whole lot of noise – last week.

The tiles before cleaning!
The tiles before cleaning!

The blurry figure you can see above is one of a number of construction staff who struck the scaffold in a matter of days, throwing sunshine on the north aisle once again. Now only the central column of scaffolding remains, with just 80-odd glass tiles still to be fitted. Once this section comes down the roof again becomes an inaccessible domain, populated with secret graffiti and the newly-installed plaque.

The cleaned glass tiles waiting to be reinstalled
The cleaned glass tiles waiting to be reinstalled

Down on the ground the light is flooding in to the Museum, as you can see in the picture below. To the left you can see why: this is an example of the state of the tiles before they were cleaned, so you can imagine how much light was being blocked by a century or so’s grime.

Now our attention is starting to turn to the task of repopulating all the empty aisles and cases. It’s a big job that requires a lot of careful planning, but we’ll keep you posted along the way.

OUM Project 2013 (2)
Photo: Mike Peckett

Scott Billings – Communications coordinator

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