The end of the rainbow

Credit: Mike Peckett
Credit: Mike Peckett

Happy New Year everyone! Here at the Museum of Natural History we’re starting the year with a sense of excitement and anticipation. 2013 was a year of darkness. The Museum doors shut on 30th December 2012 and we’ve been closed to the public ever since. But 2014 is a year of change. On Saturday 15th February at 7am, the big Victorian doors will be flung open and the Museum will once again be full of inquisitive visitors.

Stuart Knapp and Mike Peckett put the last tiles in place Credit: Stephen French
Stuart Knapp and Mike Peckett put the last tiles in place
Credit: Stephen French

As I’m sure you know, the closure was necessary to carry out a full refurbishment of the unique glass roof. I’m now excited to say that every one of its 8,500 glass tiles has been removed, cleaned, replaced and sealed. The final tiles were carefully put into place just before Christmas. The roof looks spectacular inside and out, light streams into the Museum and there are no leaks. The work is complete!

So we’re ready to re-open, right?! Well, not quite. Hundreds of specimens are still wrapped, boxed and lying in wait. The next few weeks (40 days to be precise) will be a whirlwind of unwrapping, cleaning, planning and plotting as the Museum staff ensure everything is looking its best again for re-opening.

But now is a chance to celebrate the impressive task that’s been completed and to marvel at our beautiful glass roof. Here you can see Stephen French, Site Manager for Beard Construction, stealing a reflective moment as the work comes to an end.

Stephen French admires his team's work Credit: Mike Peckett
Stephen French admires his team’s work
Credit: Mike Peckett

Rachel Parle, Interpretation and Education Officer

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