A drone’s eye view


If you saw our recent day-in-the-life film you may have noticed the lovely opening shot, where the camera swoops down from above the Museum’s tall tower and comes to a rest directly outside the main doors. In the photo above you can see the impressive drone that captured this footage.

The drone checks out our Iguanodon
Mark Wynne, director and pilot at SkyQuad, keeps his eye on the drone

The drone was operated by Mark Wynne of SkyQuad, a specialist aerial photography and video company. The sequence in the film is just one snippet of a bunch of footage that we shot for a digital project that we’re working on with Hunts and Oakley Mobile. The project is to develop new mobile app content for the Museum, revealing more about our collections and building. More on that to come later, including some amazing flybys of the T. rex inside the main court.

In the meantime we thought you might like to see a few shots of the two drones in action. The larger drone captures 4K, or ultra high-definition video, while the small drone was more maneuverable and safer to use inside. Here’s a little clip of the bigger one hovering around outside the Museum.


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