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Visions of Nature logo_Single logoHave you created a ‘vision of nature’ that you could share with us? During 2016, the Museum has seen some wonderful work inspired by nature and the natural environment, as part of our Visions of Nature year. To take the idea further we’d like to showcase work by our visitors and online readers too.

Visions of Nature kicked off with Kurt Jackson’s Bees (and the odd wasp) in my Bonnet exhibition, a celebration of the diversity of bees through Jackson’s textured paintings, mixed media sculptures and beautiful ceramics. This was followed in May by Microsculpture, a showcase of photographer Levon Biss’ extraordinary portraits of insects from our collections.

And later this autumn our three poets in residence will round off the year with a poetic vision of nature, inspired by their time here.

Splendid-necked Dung Beetle (Helictopleurus splendidicollis) from the Microsculpture exhibition by Levon Biss

The Museum’s court is often alive with visitors engaging artistically with the collections, sketchpad or camera in hand. The Visions of Nature year is the perfect opportunity to share your work with us. Whether it’s paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings, or textiles, we would love to see what has inspired you, either in the Museum or out there in the natural world.

To show us your vision of nature, whether old or new, just Tweet or Instagram a photo of your work using #visionsofnature and tag @morethanadodo too so that we’ll definitely see it. Alternatively, you can email your photos to

Then we’ll choose a rolling selection of submissions to exhibit throughout the rest of the year on the Visions of Nature website. If your image is selected we’ll get in touch to make sure you are happy for us to do this.

Get busy – we can’t wait to see  your work…

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