Etymology of Entomology

Darren and George
Image: Folded Wing

As a massive BBC Radio 4 fan, I’m always amazed at the variety and quality of documentaries that I come across, and I’m excited to say that tomorrow the Museum will be part of this!

Dr George McGavin, our Honorary Research Associate in Entomology (above right), is presenting a programme called the Etymology of Entomology, which explores the fascinating names given to the planet’s 10 million plus insects. For example, did you know there’s a fly named after Beyonce?!

Featuring on the programme will be Darren Mann, our Assistant Curator of Entomology (above left) who discusses some of his favourite insect names and even some named after himself and George.

I’m proud to say that I will actually be making a fleeting appearance too, to talk about how we use scientific language with children. I was pretty nervous during recording so please excuse me if I say something completely odd!

So, on Saturday 9th March at 10.30am, tune your radios to BBC Radio 4 for The Etymology of Entomology. It’s even been chosen as Radio 4’s Documentary of the Week so it will be available to download for a week from Friday 15th March. In the meantime, you can listen to a quick clip here and find out some of the Entomology department’s favourite insect names on their excellent blog.

Rachel Parle, Education Officer

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