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Library Reading Room

This past year may have been darkened for our court displays, but we have been working hard to make sure the Library and Archives start to emerge from their dusty shelves and cupboards to see the light of day (figuratively speaking of course: too much light is very bad for books and archives!).

With generous funding from Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund, there have been two large-scale digitisation projects underway to make two important collections available online: the maps of William Smith, dubbed the ‘Father of English Geology’, and the Flying Icons project to make freely-available scans of the Jones’ Icones, a manuscript of Lepidoptera paintings by William Jones of Chelsea.

A sneak peak at our new online archive catalogue.

These projects have allowed us to develop an online catalogue for the Archive Collections, making access simpler and more widely available than ever. Watch this space to find out about the catalogue’s launch early in 2014.

There is also work underway to upgrade the facilities in our Reading Room, which you can see in the photograph at the top. We’ll have more computer workstations and more work space for readers.

The Library and Archive are open to anyone with a research interest in our collections, and we’re proud to be one of the few Oxford University Libraries with such an open policy.

We’re planning to improve our services during 2014 too and we’d really like a bit of help from you. We have set up this quick survey and would very much appreciate any info people are able to provide.

To visit our Library and Archive Collections, you can make an appointment at, or follow us on Twitter @morethanadodo to find out about tours and workshops coming up in the New Year.

Kate Santry, Head of Archival Collections

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