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We have been darkened now for over a year although, as this blog has hopefully shown, far from dormant. But it is almost time to re-emerge into the light. And what a lot of light there will be…

The cause of our closure – and the subject of many posts here – was the restoration of the beautiful glass-tiled roof of the Museum building. More than 8,000 tiles have been individually removed, cleaned and resealed. The result is a luminous canopy above our heads, where the blue sky of a clear day complements the golden ironwork of the architecture.

Visitors to the Pitt Rivers Museum can already get a good look at the roof as they pass through our Museum on their way, but we are now looking forward to welcoming back our own visitors. And the date is set: Saturday 15th February 2014, when we will be open from dawn till dusk (that’s 7am until 5pm). We’ll have a brand new café which will be serving breakfast from daybreak and food throughout the day. More news on that soon.

As well as the welcome return of lots of favourite exhibits, there will be plenty going on throughout the day with talks, live music, star specimens, bug handling and more.

But as we build towards reopening we are also moving into the twilight days of this here blog. Darkened not dormant will become the very thing it claims it is not – dormant and inactive. Of course, it is not the beginning of the end, but rather the end of the beginning as we will be launching a new Museum blog that will continue to report all the comings and goings from the various collections and departments in the building.

For now though: Saturday 15th February, dusk till dawn. Put the date in your diaries and spread the word. See you there…

Scott Billings, Communications coordinator

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