Dodo Roadshow: Royal Cornwall Museum

To mark our selection as a Finalist in the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2015 we’re embarking on a unique and ambitious tour of the country – the Dodo Roadshow.

Beginning at Land’s End on 8 June and concluding in John O’Groats one week later, the famous Oxford Dodo will visit more than 20 museums and galleries along the way. At each stop the Dodo will ‘interview’ one of the venue’s star objects.

Royal Cornwall Museum: a huge nugget of gold

Royal Cornwall Museum

So, tell me about yourself – who are you and where do you come from?
Well, I’m the largest nugget of gold ever found in Cornwall, and I can be seen at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro.

What is it that makes you so special?
Beauty, rarity … and of course my size. I weigh an impressive 60 grams; that’s about the same as a large hen’s egg. What would a Dodo’s egg have weighed I wonder…?

Who looks after you in this place?
I have a very dedicated support team who pander to my every need: housekeepers who make sure my home environment is just perfect, interpreters who help me tell my story, bouncers who help cushion me from my adoring fans and PAs who make sure I’m seen in all the right places…

Do you remember life before the museum?
Not a lot, my early life is a blur.  My first real memory is being ‘discovered’ in a Cornish river bed. That was in February, 1808 if my memory serves.  I caused a sensation in the press, with people desperate to own me. Nothing but the best for me though: I was acquired by Philip Rashleigh, that most discerning of Cornish mineral collectors.

What does the future hold for you?
My museum owners will be 200 years old in 2018, and as I’m one of their major stars there will be endless public appearances, photoshoots and press calls. If it all gets too much I might go on retreat for some quiet study, maybe even see my analyst.

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3 thoughts on “Dodo Roadshow: Royal Cornwall Museum

  1. Hi, we saw the dodo at the Royal Cornwall Museum. We really enjoyed it, as you all are having to make flying visits to your different stops we feel very lucky to have seen it! Our 2 year old daughter seemed impressed too. I think you took some pictures of her meeting the dodo and we gave consent to have them used on the blog, would love to see them as our own didn’t turn out very well. It’ll be neat to tell her she met the last dodo when she’s a bit older! Thanks for doing this roadshow and I’m glad we got to learn about it.

    1. I’m very glad you got to see the Roadshow – it’s been really fun meeting people and showing them the specimens. I’ll ask the South West crew about the photo and get back to you.

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